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An interesting article that I found recently on the Internet:

About the Yellow Pages™

There are a quite a few problems with the printed Yellow Pages today... here are our top three:

1.          Too granular–there are far too many sub-divisions in almost every category. Computer services, for example has 15 sections! Which subcategory do you choose for your listing? Or do you pay for listings in multiple categories? I think this is their plan to get more money from advertisers.

2.          Too little differentiation–in any area with a large number of competitors, your business is just an alphabetically ordered name in the crowd, unless you buy the largest ad at that category, and this is just too cost prohibitive. For example, a full-page color display ad at one heading costs over $4,000.00 PER month. That’s $48,000.00 per YEAR!

3.          Too little information–what specialty or services do you offer your customers that would compel them to choose you over the business three lines up on the page? What sets you apart without resorting to a special ad costing a few hundred dollars a month?

In our first year of operation, I placed MacCetera in two areas of the Greater Atlanta Yellow Pages. One simple listing was free. The second listing, at $78.00 per month, was a simple second line to clarify my web services. Was it worth it? Also, if we wanted to make changes, we had to wait until next year to do so.

We received only 6 phone calls from these that year. One yielded a web design job... and that client filed for bankruptcy before paying us for our work.

We now only have the free listing.

What is the return on your Yellow Pages investment?

My suggestion is to find a local website that offers Internet advertising at an affordable price. There are several out there. For example, I did a Google search for “Gwinnett County Yellow Pages” and found a really neat website called: . I did some research and found that their rates are very inexpensive. They charge ANNUALLY, NOT MONTHLY like the “Real Yellow Pages”. This website also includes separate “Yellow Pages” for the various cities within the Gwinnett County areas, such as: Buford, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Loganville, Norcross, Snellville and Stone Mountain.

There are other affiliated websites that are owned by this same organization that are also competitively priced. For example, here’s another website that I liked a lot: . It comes up at the top of the page on many of the major search engines for a lot of “Yellow Pages” categories, and the information shown there is very complete.

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