Painter And Decorator

Painters and decorators apply the paint with brushes, rollers or spray equipment. They can use emulsions, polishing materials or paints resistant to staying out in the open. Part of the job is to apply a single color of paint, but for other posts, you have to paint the edges of a different color or do a beautiful job like a mottled or veined.

Labor Activities

Painters and decorators dedicate a large part of their time to the preparation of the surfaces they have to decorate.

Before starting work, they should:

  • Cover furniture with care
  • Remove old paint and paper with special liquid or with a specialized steam machine.
  • Clean and sand surfaces.
  • Repair cracks and cover holes with putty.
  • Remove sand and dust from the surface to prepare it for new decoration.

Decorators use patterned papers and other types of wall coverings, such as fabrics. Each piece must be measured accurately before cutting and sticking with an adhesive. There are different techniques, such as mopping, that are used to create special effects.

Once the work is finished, they should thoroughly clean their brushes and equipment, and they should leave the client’s facilities clean and tidy.

Sometimes they show graphs and color samples to customers’ clients and inform them about the most suitable type of paint or coating.

Best Tips For Choosing Paint Colors

Do You Have A Source Of Inspiration?

Look at magazines and use Internet sources, such as blogs or Pinterest, to collect images that awaken your imagination. It can also be useful to collect samples of fabrics, paints, and wallpaper from your local suppliers of household items.

When you have a collection of images that represent the style you like, check them; You will probably start to see a pattern in the types of colors and tones that attract you. You can even use these images to create a collage.

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